Saturday 15th October 2011, Blackall.

We made another short trip today of only 100K to Blackall. The idea is to break up what could have been a 400K trip to two shorter ones. There are a couple of camp spots we may have a look at on the way so the next 300K leg may be even shortened a bit more if we decide to stop at them. We have been here before back in 2002 and we reckoned 5 days back then was a bit too much, so we are just going to stay for two days this time. Another reason for not staying long is the water here, being bore water, as it is in most towns around here, but here especially it has a more of a sulphur smell than anywhere we have been and Linda just cannot handle the smell, we’ll see how she handles a shower tonight. The other thing to watch as well is the water comes out of the cold tap hotter than the hot water tap, so when showering it is a matter of turn on the cold water an and adjust the temperature with the hot water.