Mount Isa.

Wednesday 9th September 2011, Mount Isa.

I saw a twinkle in Linda’s eye yesterday that hadn’t appeared for quite a while:- We visited the underground hospital at Mount Isa, and she was reminiscing with all the old machines and things on display. Being a nurse from years gone by this was a field of hers that she hasn’t been involved with for so long, and again I say, I could see the twinkle in her eyes as it all came back.

The hospital, told by the attendant, was built during the war when the locals thought that because Mount Isa was one of the biggest producers of lead, for munitions, in the world, it would attract fighting, and there would be casualties, so to be safe it would be built underground. It’s not very big, but is in original condition, and a very interesting museum feature.

Mount Isa, Fathers Day.

Sunday 4th September 2011, Mount Isa. (Fathers day)

We have booked in here for another week for several reasons. We like it here, K & A son could be coming through, timing our destinations with all the festivals in the area, or at least missing them, I had a new, real, sign made up advertising my help with TV reception so it would be nice to get a job or two while here to pay for it.

We decided to go for a drive today and have another look at Lake Moondarra, since it was 2003 since we were here last. When we arrived there we both had the idea that we had never been to this lake before, why we would not go there on our previous visit would be anybody’s guess, so we out with our cameras and took a heap of photos. Later when downloading mine I decided to have a look back at past pics of while here, and to our surprise there were a heap of photos almost identical to the ones I had just taken. I just goes to show that along with everyone else putting on a few years our memories are also starting to weaken. It was a nice drive and day out anyway.