Kakadu at last.

Tuesday 2nd August 2011, Jabiru.

We have been thinking and talking about Kakadu Nation Park, about going there, for so long now it hasn’t yet sunk in that we are finally here. Today would end up giving us that feeling though, as after travelling to get here, the rest of the day has just been taken up setting up the caravan. We are going to be here for in excess of a week so we will use our long term setup routine, in difference to our short term setup, as this will make us a little more comfortable while here.

Mary River NP Day 4.

Monday 1st August 2011, Mary River NP.

I am inserting the following photo to demonstrate the water height in this area during the wet season, especially the last one being a super wet.

110801-bird-billabong-025.jpg Click Here to Enlarge.

You can see the billabong in the background, water level now, and note the grass and weeds in the trees behind Linda, this shows that if we were here during the wet we would be totally under water. This is a feature of the area that I was not fully aware of, being that in the wet season many of the wetlands are totally covered in water, but not just covered, sometimes meters higher, a horrifying amount of water. This was also explained and demonstrated to us on the river cruise the other day, but I thought this photo just explains all.

This is it then for this visit, so tomorrow it will be on to Jabiru.

Mary River NP, day 3.

Sunday 31st July 2011, Mary River NP.

So much for the peace and quiet we were going to have while here, it is a long weekend and everyone from Darwin have come here with families for a weekend of fishing.

A drive around the Mary River National Park was the order of the day today. There are a couple of 4 wheel drive tracks, one of which I intended to traverse, and did, and a couple of lookouts over the river were also on the plan. The 4 wheel drive track took us right through the wetland area and gave us a bit more of a perspective on what it is like in the wet season, and offered some rough driving sections that I thoroughly enjoyed, and Linda learned that she had to come to terms with. Even though some of the sights to see are nothing spectacular, except for the river views, we have often said is it worth it, but they all do have their individual characteristics that do make the touring all worth the while. We did miss a couple of sights, that included walking tracks, because they weren’t very well sign posted, and I am not one for guessing where they are, so we bypassed them and went back home. We have quite often heard the comment that Kakadu was not worth the visit, and I am becoming to think that it may well mostly be the type of sightseeing we have done today, but looking at the over-all picture I am sure it will be all worth it, especially seeing we do intend using the full 2 weeks that the pass does give us to have a good look around, where some of those people do not spend much time there at all.

Mary River NP, Day 2.

Saturday 30th July 2011, Mary River NP.

Went for a boat cruise on the Corroboree Billabong on the edge of the National Park today and thought that it was really worth it. It was a tour that seemed to just show things, crocs and such, in their totally natural state. We have been on river cruises before but they did not give the same feel as the one today. We also got a perception of the difference in water height between the dry season, now, and the wet season, and the difference is quite unbelievable. The guide was also a great maker of the tour as well, as he grew up in the area and as a kid, according to him, ran away from home and spent 6 years living with aboriginals, hence learning much about the local area, he was extremely informative.