Daly Waters.

Monday 22nd August 2011, Daly Waters.

A very quiet and enjoyable relaxing few days were had at Mataranka, and we have now moved on to Daly Waters. We are not at the famed pub as we were on the way up, but rather at a road-house on the highway. The pub was a place one must see, but it is not the sort of caravan park one would return to every time going through this area. The park we are at now is a neater looking, and better atmosphere area than the pub anyway, so it is stay here for a couple of days before heading off to areas remote and no mobile coverage, and will be that way until we reach at least Camooweal just over the Queensland border.


Thursday 18th August 2011, Mataranka.

We went walking again today to revisit the springs in the area. Linda, for some reason, didn’t take any photos when we were last here, so today she took her camera. We actually got to do a couple of walks that were closed when we were here last time.

One walk we did today made me wonder about back in the days when Australia converted to metric measurements as to whether the Northern Territory were short on funds or something. It seems to me they might not have been able to afford the conversion so they changed the names only but kept all the old measuring devices. Ever since we have been in NT we have had the idea that all the walks we have done have been about twice as long as mentioned in the information given for each area, and this especially seemed to be the case today.


Wednesday 17th August 2011, Mataranka.

We were going to stay a week at Katherine but the caravan park we chose to stay at was far from up to scratch, so we have now moved to Mataranka to the south. I don’t do this very often, in fact I can’t remember doing it at all, but I am going to name the caravan park as being the Springvale Homestead. We chose this park as it was a fair bit cheaper than the others, especially when they give a seniors discount, and seeing that the big 4 park we stayed at before on our way up raised their prices because of a ‘Peak period’ and made it too expensive. We had heard a couple of not so favourable reports about the Homestead but we decided that for the much less price we would put up with what was provided. The main problem was the state of the amenities, especially the women’s according to Linda that is. They were of an old construction, but it doesn’t matter how old they are there is absolutely no excuse for the state that these amenities were kept in. The gents were not so bad, in fact I reckon I could have put up with them, but in the women’s, half the cubicles were out of order, and the drains were blocked in the other cubicles, both toilet and showers. Toilets wouldn’t flush, and water from the showers would just run all over the amenities floor, so it became just too intolerable for Linda to endure so we had no other option but to vacate the premises. (interruption)

I am now back after a small interruption with hearing a couple of women screaming in the park so I thought I had better go and see what the problem was, it turned out that a couple of vans had backed into each other, not sure of the details, that was when I thought better of it and left.

Back to Katherine:- I went back to reception, not being very hopeful, and prepared to lose our money seeing we had booked in for a week, but was then pleasantly surprised to find that, after a little reluctance, he was none too happy to fully refund what we hadn’t used, so this being the case I chose not to give him the piece of mind that I was prepared for and just leave things be. I have made complaints at parks in the past and I wouldn’t be surprised if his reaction would have been the same as all the others, with, “Don’t care, if you don’t return someone else will


Sunday 14th August 2011, Katherine.

Have now moved back to Katherine, and this will be our place to stock up for our journey until we get to Mt Isa.

Talking about going via Mt Isa:- something happened the other day that I thought exactly sums up our travel, living, situation. While we were talking and deciding to return to Melbourne instead of going via WA, Linda said “Could we have a small detour via Winton in Queensland so I can visit a friend

Pine Creek.

Thursday 11th August 2011, Pine Creek.

How things change; We had a look at what to do while here and the main thing was Butterfly Gorge, off the highway about 50K north, but found out that the 4 wheel drive road into the gorge is still closed after last years super wet season. It is just as well we only booked into here for 4 days as it now looks as though we will not be extending. We also had the idea of going to Umbrawarra Gorge, just south of Pine Creek, but the road into there doesn’t seem to be real good either, and when we get in there there is apparently not much to do or see anyway, so we will be giving that one a bit more thought as well. Oh well a relaxing few days won’t go down too badly.