Mary River NP Day 4.

Monday 1st August 2011, Mary River NP.

I am inserting the following photo to demonstrate the water height in this area during the wet season, especially the last one being a super wet.

110801-bird-billabong-025.jpg Click Here to Enlarge.

You can see the billabong in the background, water level now, and note the grass and weeds in the trees behind Linda, this shows that if we were here during the wet we would be totally under water. This is a feature of the area that I was not fully aware of, being that in the wet season many of the wetlands are totally covered in water, but not just covered, sometimes meters higher, a horrifying amount of water. This was also explained and demonstrated to us on the river cruise the other day, but I thought this photo just explains all.

This is it then for this visit, so tomorrow it will be on to Jabiru.