Kakadu, Day 4,5&6.

Sunday 7th August 2011, Kakadu.

Back on the topic of those people with the idea of Kaka-don’t ;- I now can’t understand how these people could form this idea unless they have just made a speedy trip through the area without doing any sightseeing, they certainly couldn’t have seen what we have see over the past few days. Admittedly most of the overall appreciation of Kakadu is obtained from climbing up the several lookouts in the district, and some of these are rather steep and some people would have second thoughts about climbing. I now feel an explanation of ‘those people’ coming on. Those people I am referring to are those that we meet in our travels, and most of those would be of our age if not older, and therefore could have difficulty in getting up these steep climbs. Whatever the case we have thoroughly enjoyed what we have done and seen and are still gob-smacked to the idea that we are lost for words to describe it. We reckon that especially seeing that photos will not do any of this area justice, then it must be a personal experience to see this area to obtain the appreciation that we have.

Friday was a rest day, yesterday was another sightseeing day around Nourlangie area, and today is another rest day as we can only take so much exercise, and two consecutive days is just too much.