Kakadu day 2.

Wednesday 3rd August 2011, Kakadu.

I am not yet going to give any reports on what we think of the Kakadu area as we have not seen enough yet. We have seen enough to possibly form somewhat of an opinion but that may well change over the next week or so. We went back the way we came in yesterday to see a couple of attractions and do a couple of walks but one of the areas was closed, so I have now found a web site that I can keep a check on. It is demonstrating how big a wet it was last wet season with some roads and walks still closed due to water damage and water still covering some tracks. We are so far enjoying our time here and I can’t see any reason why that should change, so we do intend utilising the full 14 days that the park pass allows us to stay in the national park, this will give us the chance to have several rest days between walks.