Mount Isa, blocked drains.

Wednesday 31st August 2011, Mount Isa.

WHY ALWAYS US?? An incident last night caused us to think just that. We started to smell an old familiar aroma during the mid hours of the evening and it turned out to be the drains. It seems there is a blockage in the drains somewhere and apparently our drain hole is the lowest in level because it is where the backlog decided to run out. This was not the main problem though, guess where the drain hole on our site was;- under the caravan, and all the drainage ran out of it and under our annexe right under our door, and was a foul smell. We had to put up with it last night as it was not the appropriate time to move, but we have now moved on to a different site that we both much prefer. It turns out that when we arrived here the caravan park was very full and the site we got was one of the very few that was vacant and consequently broke most of our rules for picking a site, facing west, no trees, close to amenities etc. we now comply with most of these rules, and it does seem to be much more comfortable.

We may now have a valid reason to stay here a little longer as K and A’s son rang me this morning because it turns out they are heading out this way and want to meet, so we may just sit here until they arrive. I am also getting a new sign made up advertising my TV and Satellite help so it might be a good place to test out its effectiveness seeing we are now on a site that is a bit more visible to most park patrons as they must pass our site to go anywhere.

Mount Isa.

Tuesday 30th August 2011, Mount Isa.

It seems that we may have picked the wrong time of year to visit this area as most of the towns have annual festivals round this time and when a town has its festival the caravan parks are fully booked for that entire week. This is the reason we by-passed Camooweal on our way here, and it now seems as though we will have the same trouble at Winton, so we are going to have to plan out trip there with a little more precision. We were thinking of spending two weeks here at Mount Isa, so if we stick with that thinking we will have to use up another week somewhere before getting to Winton, or else we will have to leave here on Saturday. We now have a couple of things I have instigated that will have to be completed while here so they may also influence our decision. Apart from the wind and dust this is a nice enough place to just sit for a few weeks.

Mount Isa.

Saturday 27th August 2011, Mount Isa.

We haven’t had mobile coverage for the past few days hence no reports. I generally write one each move, even when out of coverage and then post them all at once, but was a bit buggered yesterday so gave it a miss. We had one of our longest trips ever yesterday of about 455 kilometres, more on that though.

While we were at Banka-Banka we heard that there was a festival on at Camooweal this weekend, and we had planned on being there. Not having any mobile coverage we thought it would be a good idea to use the Telstra payphone to ring the caravan park to find out how busy they were and would you believe the phone box was a phone card only one and would not take coins, where does one purchase a phone card literally out in the middle of nowhere!? We then had to make a decision about what to do, it was no good fronting up at Camooweal and not being able to get in, so we decided to go a little further yesterday and today go past Camooweal and on to Mount Isa. Just as well as when we went past Camooweal the caravan parks were quite full and we may well have not got in, it is all done now so we can from now on just take our travels as they come as there is no shortage of townships to stop at from here on in. We would have liked to stop at a few rest areas on the way across from Three ways but not many of them have toilets, an almost essential for us, so the idea was again shelved.

It is nice to once again be in an area we would class as being civilised and populated, hence giving us that feeling of not being isolated any more.


Wednesday 24th August 2011, Banka-Banka Station.

We have now moved to Banka-Banka Station, about 100K north of the turnoff to the east coast, will be here for a couple of days enjoying the peace and quiet of the remote countryside on a working farm. They have provided quite a few camping sites, no power but hot showers. We have our own power anyway so it doesn’t matter.

Daly Waters

Tuesday 23rd August 2011, Daly Waters.

Nothing to report today except for the fact that we are going to be out of mobile range for the next few days, so no reports for a while.