Litchfield NP.

Wednesday 20th July 2001, Litchfield.

A day of mixed feelings was had today, an explanation first. We had our first daily visit to Litchfield National Park today, we do intend having several day trips so as we are not rushed in getting all the walks in and we will then have a much better chance to see all on offer. Today’s visit was mainly to just see the area and familiarise ourselves, see a couple of attractions, then decide what we intend doing on which days over the next week. Consider with what I am about to say that we have not yet seen most attractions, waterfalls etc. that are on offer, but from what we did see we started to form an opinion that was loosely based on disappointment, meaning that this area does not seem to have the WOW! factor that we were led to believe, and started to think that this is the reason that a lot of people come to, and leave, this area very disappointed, but then we had the belief that we have already seen most of the rest of Australia and although the attractions of this district have their own unique features there are others that do overwhelm them, hence giving us the feeling of them being insignificant. Then we visited one place classed the ‘Lost City’, and immediately started to withdraw all our feelings. The surprise was mainly that this place, advertising wise, was nothing more that a sign post giving directions, but along a 4 wheel drive only track, and we were about to turn around and leave thinking we had seen it and it was another ‘nothing attraction’, then around another corner and there it was, rock formations that resembled the Mayan City in the time of the Incas, as Linda was heard to say. This attraction really made the drive along that rough and dirty track all worth the while, and we returned home with a satisfied feeling and wanting to return again to experience what is remaining in the Litchfield NP. A rest day tomorrow, to do some shopping etc, then back into it. We are also going to try out the free sausage sizzle in the caravan park tonight for tea, as they have three of these a week.