Mary River National Park.

Friday 29th July 2011, Mary River NP.

We have now started our venture into Kakadu National Park, or started in that direction anyway, as we are now at Mary River NP about half way to Jabiru, the heart of Kakadu. We are in for a peaceful spell while here as there is no mobile coverage, no radio, and apart from the free wi-fi at the office there is no internet, so unless I go up there on regular occasions these posts will be published at odd times and probably more than one at a time. We do have the satellite TV that gives us all the digital channels so we do have some entertainment of sorts if we need it, otherwise it will be just bush walking and resting.

Darwin, Last day.

Thursday 28th July 2011, Darwin.

What could be our last day ever in Darwin? We are on the move tomorrow into the land of unknown, as far as mobile coverage anyway, we could be out of range for the next 6 days or so, it is totally unknown. We are going to Kakadu and stopping off at Mary River National park on the way. Telstra maps indicate we may be on the fringe of coverage, but we have been there before, and their maps are nearly impossible to read due to lack of detail.

Darwin, for a short visit.

Tuesday 26th July 2011, Darwin.

We are back in Darwin, only for a few days this time to stock up on foodstuff for our next segment of our big trip. The length of our visit here will be dependant on the time it takes our mail to arrive from Tassie, it should be here tomorrow or Thursday, but after we set up this afternoon both of us said at the same time that we feel like stopping here for a lengthy time again, but we are not going to.


Sunday 24th July 2011, Litchfield.

Another trip to the NP today saw us visit the remaining attractions, and one of which being Florence falls, I consider would have to be one of the better of all in the National Park. It does seem that we may have made the right choice in the selection order we did make as they seemed to improve in quality as we visited. The attractions in the NP are basically made up of waterfalls, about 7 in all, each having their individual appeal but after having seen them all on the one visit to the area one has to re look at the photos taken to remember which was which, all being a bit much to take in all at once. It would have been an idea to only do half of them and leave the other half for another visit but we do not consider that we will ever return to Darwin, so it is a case of doing it all now while we are here.

A day of semi rest tomorrow with a late afternoon pack-up for a move on Tuesday back to Darwin for a short 3-4 day stop, and we do intend attending the regular sausage sizzle tomorrow evening, held here in the park three times a week on our final chance before we do leave.


Friday 22nd July 2011, Litchfield.

Our feelings about Litchfield have once again been lifted with another visit to the NP today. We visited three different attractions, all waterfalls, and yes they were all worth the visit. Each had a walk to do, either from the car park to the falls, or from the falls on a loop track back to the car park through local forest growths, all well worth it. All up we walked a few more kilometres than we would normally on one day so there was exercise involved as well. Then back to the caravan park just outside the entry to the NP to take it easy for the rest of the day and a free sausage sizzle provided by the park. We reckon we can do the remaining attractions on one more visit so it is a rest day tomorrow and return on Sunday ready to pack up Monday for another move Tuesday.