Friday 9th May 2011, Mataranka.

We are nearly done at Mataranka now after having an enjoyable time here. We went back to Elsey National Park again today to do some more of the walks, but unfortunately it is too close to the end of the wet season and some of the tracks are closed with water over them. We have gotten to see most of it though, so it is time now to move on to Katherine tomorrow. It seems that there are quite a few hot springs around this district and fellow travellers do make the most of them during their travels. I don’t particularly go for getting into such things as I have this idea that if I was meant to get in water I would have webbed feet.

It is not uncommon to meet up with other travellers during our ventures and keep bumping in to them on the following stages of our trips, and it has happened again with us meeting a couple called Fred and Sue, and we even met them today half way through one of our walks in the park. It is during instances like this that some solid friendships are made as was with some that we have already made. Fred and Sue are particularly enjoying our acquaintance though, as they are relatively new to having the caravanning bug and are appreciating the helpful hints we have been passing on.