Sunday 8th May 2011, Mataranka. (Mothers day).

We are still in awe of the different country-side than what we have been used to over the past few weeks, with all the growth and obvious signs of plenty of water. We went to Elsey National Park, containing the Mataranka thermal pools, yesterday to visit the pools and do the walks around the park, but some of the walks are closed due to flood waters, yes the water is still over some of the walking tracks, and there is plenty of water still running off the land down the ditches on the sides of the road. We are now realising that we have to start getting used to the different weather conditions in this area with temperatures not getting below 11 or 12 at night, nice to take, but it does get a bit warm and sticky during the day, so if we are to do any walks we must get used to getting up earlier to do them before the temperatures do get to a maximum.

Earlier in the year I upgraded my mobile phone and plan so I could get what would be a better phone for Linda to access face-book with, and it is just as well I did. I am lately having trouble with my internet unit dropping out every now and again, and I am sure I have pinpointed the problem to the unit when it gets warm, hence the bigger the problem up here. I hope I can convince the Telstra shop of this though. Along with my new plan came 1 Gig of data that I thought I should have access to, so I obtained the appropriate software and fired up my phone to be used as a modem, so now when the internet unit plays up I can use my phone instead, very handy until I can do something about the other unit.