Tuesday 31st May 2011, Darwin.

Another reminder that the weather here is something we have to come to grips with: The fact that the temperatures are so consistent, i.e. 30 during the day and 18-20 during the night, is not so hard to get used to, but walking during the day is just about a must before midday as it just gets too hot in the afternoon, and definitely do not go off walking without water. I guess the weather conditions here would be easy to get used to though, with the exception of the wet season.

Another maintenance day today with the cleaning of the front door security screen for what must have been the first time ever. I have noticed lately that it needed cleaning with obvious dirt on the rails, and Linda said today was the day while she was making up new curtains for the same door. When I applied some soapy water to loosen the grime the effect was to really show up the dirt, and when I had cleaned half of the door it was so obvious how dirty the whole thing was, nice and clean now though, and all the much better with the new curtains.

I have finally taken the plunge and bought that six foot step ladder that I have been thinking about for so long. I did a little TV job for a fellow camper the other day and to get up on the roof he had a table beside the van and a small 3 step ladder placed on top of it, a bit precarious, so when I saw another chap close by with one of those fully fold up ladders I asked if I could borrow it to find a storage place if I were to buy one, and found the remaining area on the roof rack would accommodate it perfectly, so seeing Bunnings had these ladders on special I made the purchase. I had a bit of a practice today unfolding it, and was very easy, and used it to climb up on the roof of our van to have a look at the job I have been putting off because I didn’t have a decent ladder, and made the statement “ Why haven’t I had one of these before