Daly Waters.

Wednesday 4th May 2011, Daly Waters.

We had a longer trip today than we had planned, so go all the plans, and ended up doing 400K to Daly Waters. We had several thoughts on where to stop, being Banka-Banka Station, Renner Springs, Elliot, or Newcastle Waters. We had decided that considering that the temps from here on in may be too high for camping out without the air-con that we won’t do any camping, so a couple of the places were out already. When we got to Banka it was decided that it was too short a trip so we would go on to Elliot, on the way we heard a radio story about the fact that Banka was actually closed anyway. When we arrived at Elliott, where I had also planned on refuelling, the service station that had the caravan park didn’t have any fuel, and the park was closed as well, it actually looked like the whole town was about to close down. We then had no option but to carry on until we found somewhere, and to cut a long story short, we ended up at Daly Waters. The pub itself here lives up to the stories we have heard about it, and there are a couple of other things to check out while here such as a world war 11 airstrip, and something about an old tree, but tomorrow will find out more.

According to info that we read Renner Springs and Elliott were the boundary between the desert region and the wetland region, and boy was it correct: it was almost a sudden complete change of habitat from what is usually a barren desert landscape, but is actually green at the moment from the big wet, to a virtual rainforest, spectacular changes in scenery.