Coober Pedy.

Wednesday 6th April 2011, Coober Pedy

We are now back in civilization, if you can put Coober Pedy in that category, but that is exactly what it feels like, there are shops at least to keep Linda occupied and she has already been to check them out. We were wondering today during our trip to here whether the landscape was as green as it is now when we came this way back in 2003, which was a wet year also, but I don’t think it was as green as this. The problem in determining this is that there were no photos taken of the countryside as we travelled, so nothing to compare with. When we go to the Breakaways again we may be able to get some comparison with all the shots we did take there. I am starting to realise why I have always said that the trip we had up here in 2003 has been the highlight of all our travels. We are again getting to see scenery that is just so different to anywhere else in Australia, and then all of a sudden, like approaching Coober Pedy, the scenery changes, then it is also so green here at the moment. I said to Linda today that the grass is so prominent at the moment that if one had a mower big enough to mow it, we would have the biggest, neatest lawn in Aus.

Bon Bon Rest Area.

Tuesday 5th April 2011, Bon Bon Rest Area.

It is a different life this camping out, the different characters one meets, and the flies. We travelled another 200 odd Kilometres yesterday from Woomera to Bon Bon rest area, about half way to Coober Pedy, for another two day stop over and this rest area is a bit different to the last one. At Pimba there was a road house and it gave one the light feeling of being in civilization, but here there is nothing at all, in fact after the other campers moved on this morning we were the only ones left for a while with nothing but passing traffic. Others are now starting to stop and set up camp so there will be more than just us here for the night tonight. I think Linda is actually taking a liking to this camping out, so long as she has a good supply of books, and she actually made the comment yesterday that she reckons she is adapting to this lifestyle better than I am, I really don’t know where she gets that idea. We do have a reasonable 12 volt power supply, a few years old now so a minor doubt of reliability, but it does appear to be putting up with the demand so far, and we do have TV from satellite with all the digital channels that are available in any capital city so we do not lack for methods of entertainment. It seems we were a day late arriving here as the previous night there was a female entertainer camping here and put on a performance for the mob while here, this is the sort of thing one can expect with this lifestyle.

That’s it for now, must conserve power.


Sunday 3rd April 2001 Woomera.

We had one of our shorter moves today, to Woomera, about 6 kilometres up the road. (see map) We intend stopping at another rest area half way between here and Coober Pedy for a couple of days and we thought that some washing would need doing so a short trip to Woomera overnight to do that and we will move on tomorrow.

Had a walk around town taking photos this afternoon, as when we were in this area before we only had a drive around town and did not remember any of it, so now we have something on record.

Pimba, day two.

Saturday 2nd April 2011, Pimba.

We have been too long spoiled by having free running water and power in caravan parks, and now we are camping out without these luxuries we are reminded of how frugal we must be. We do have large batteries and solar power in the van but one can’t just use power willy-nilly because it won’t last forever. We do also have the generator, but we won’t use it after dark because of other campers being disturbed, it is running at the moment as Linda is making a loaf of bread, yes we do have that luxury of having fresh bread whenever we want it. There are other minor things too that we had forgotten about, like having small containers for water to clean one’s teeth to preserve water use, and other minor things like that, but it will all come back soon I am sure.


Friday 1st April 2011, Pimba.

Surprise, surprise there is mobile coverage where we are now. We have now moved about 170K north to a small town called Pimba, on the Stuart highway at the junction to Woomera. I didn’t think to look at Telstra coverage maps before we left, but now have. What we are lacking at the moment is 240Volt power, as we are camped in a rest area, and are running on our 12volt system so power must be conserved.

We were once again so far gob-smacked with the scenery around the district as we cannot really remember what it was like when we came up here 8 years ago. After looking at some photos taken back then it seems, as I think of remembering, it had been wet that year and there was plenty of greenery around that year as well. I already get the impression we are going to enjoy this trip up the centre very much, considering we have done it before and have a little knowledge of what to expect.