Kings Canyon

Friday 15th April 2011, Kings Canyon.

I am starting to feel the effects of consecutive days of long travel. We did about 400K yesterday and something similar today, and it is starting to show that I am just not used to it, I am not too bad, just a little tired, should be right tomorrow after a good sleep, but it is a feeling I could well do without, so from here on distances must be kept lower, or at least not consecutive days. After all that we reached Kings Canyon today, a bit further than we had originally intended, but we weren’t liking the idea of being without mobile coverage for so long, so a couple of nights camping out were foregone to reduce that time by a couple of days. It is a bit expensive here for site fees, but they do have us over a barrel with no other options, and it is the beginning of some expensive areas coming up, so get used to it I guess. Oh!! THERE ARE A FEW LESS FLIES HERE, and very few of anything at all after dark.