Curtain Springs.

Tuesday 19th April 2011, Curtain Springs.

We are now at Curtain Springs, a rest area at a road-house a little toward Ayres Rock after the turn off from Kings Canyon. We had decided to stop here for a couple of days as it was too far to go to Alice Springs in one go. We thought we might actually stay at a rest area at Mt Connor lookout, being not as far off our course, but when we got there it was apparent that being a small area there was not enough room to camp during the day as there were heaps of tourists stopping on the way to Ayres Rock. We had stopped at Curtain Springs on our previous trip so we knew what it was like and it was only another 20K up the road, although this is going to make my refuelling calculations a little tight, especially if we have a head wind. One has to calculate where and when to refuel due to the high prices around this area: At Erldunda diesel was $1.96, Curtain Springs $2.10, Kings Canyon $2.15 where I had to buy some and use my spare 20 litres, and at the rock they tell me it is only $1.90 but we won’t be going there, so now it looks like we have just enough to get back to Erldunda, a bit tight after the extra mileage.

I am at present very glad that I started the regular daily leg exercises I started a year or more ago, as the walk around Kings Canyon the other day had some rather strenuous sections and when we had finished walking my legs were telling me they had done a fair days work. When this has happened in the past I generally end up with very stiff muscles in the legs for either the next one or two days, but this time there was nothing like that at all, much better feeling.