Coober Pedy.

Wednesday 6th April 2011, Coober Pedy

We are now back in civilization, if you can put Coober Pedy in that category, but that is exactly what it feels like, there are shops at least to keep Linda occupied and she has already been to check them out. We were wondering today during our trip to here whether the landscape was as green as it is now when we came this way back in 2003, which was a wet year also, but I don’t think it was as green as this. The problem in determining this is that there were no photos taken of the countryside as we travelled, so nothing to compare with. When we go to the Breakaways again we may be able to get some comparison with all the shots we did take there. I am starting to realise why I have always said that the trip we had up here in 2003 has been the highlight of all our travels. We are again getting to see scenery that is just so different to anywhere else in Australia, and then all of a sudden, like approaching Coober Pedy, the scenery changes, then it is also so green here at the moment. I said to Linda today that the grass is so prominent at the moment that if one had a mower big enough to mow it, we would have the biggest, neatest lawn in Aus.