Alice Springs, Good Friday.

Friday 22nd April 2011, Good Friday, Alice Springs.

We are now settling in at Alice. The caravan park we chose, G’day Mate, seems to be as good a park as any in town, in some cases probably better.

I am sure I must have mentioned earlier that an ABC reporter had contacted me about having an interview for the local Country Hour programme about my web site. It seems she stumbled upon the site one day and couldn’t believe what she found, these were her words, so the only way to find out was an interview. As she was in Alice Springs I told her I would contact her when we arrived, but she beat me to it, ringing me about an hour after we got here, because she is going on holiday next week and wanted to do it before she went. An appointment was made yesterday and she came here for the deed, so it has now been done and it will be now wait until it goes to air and see what becomes of it. I was a little surprised though to find out that it wasn’t necessarily the travels we had that she was interested in, but the TV information I have on the site, she couldn’t believe that someone could spend so much time on such a subject compiling all the information I had, and provide it free for download.

Being good Friday we should have been resting, but instead we have been busy planning the next stage of our trip from here to Darwin as we had to do something now so we could book a site early enough to get in. We had already booked a park site a few weeks ago, but after talking to several other people with experience in the area we made alternative choices, so have now changed our bookings. We have settled for a park 20K odd from Darwin, a Big4 would you believe, at Howard Springs and surprisingly it is the second cheapest park in the Darwin area and not booked out, like the cheapest one is. If for some reason we do not like it there we can always move to our other selection at Lee Point due to the fact that one does not have to book there due to it being an enormous park and never run out of sites.