Monday 14th March 2011, Gawler.

We have now moved to Gawler, about 50K odd north of Adelaide (see map), because Adelaide is booked out due to the Clipsal V8 car race this coming weekend. This will be our basically last chance to stock up on foods needed while we are in the outback areas, so this will be our priority while here.

We did rather enjoy our week at Bordertown, relaxing. The same old story:- For the week we were there we didn’t seem to do anything much at all, but we didn’t have much spare time, so this must be a sign we did enjoy it. I did have a bit of computer work, TV info, to catch up on so that did fill in a bit of time for me, Linda tells me she was a little at a loss at times.


Friday 11th March 2011, Bordertown.

We have been here since Monday and have been rained in, so with the sun shining today we headed out to do what sightseers do and walked around town, and a small lake, with the camera taking photos. Linda then went to the info centre while I finished my walk around town only to find out that without travelling big distances there is not much to do here, so the rest of the week is going to be a relaxation period as was the first part of the week.

Bordertown SA.

Monday 7th March 2001, Bordertown, SA.

We have now changed our travel plans already and gone on to South Australia to a small town of Bordertown, about 20K across the border. (see map) It was decided to bypass the couple of Victorian towns we had thought of visiting, like Hamilton, because we may need a bit more time up the centre than planned before the cold nights move in. It is forecast for a fair bit of rain over the next few days so we have decided to stop here for a week so we can have a chance to see around after the rain.

We had to battle through a swarm of locusts today almost for the entire trip. It was very reminiscent of our previous trip up the centre a few years ago when we encountered them before Coober Pedy.


This is a shot of the Locusts in the grille.


Saturday 5th March 2011, Maryborough.

A day of mixed emotions today with a visit to a small town about 30K South of here called Clunes. This is another of those once large gold mining towns that has preserved some of its heritage by the display of some of the old buildings, this was the good part, having a look around town and taking heaps of photos, but we had also planned on going up to the Mount Beckworth Scenic Reserve where there was supposedly very good lookouts of the district and bushwalking that we had intended doing, one had to walk to get to the summit, according to the brochures we got from the information centre. When we approached the mountain my GPS seemed to be having a little difficulty finding the right roads to get up there, and no wonder:- We circumnavigated the whole mountain trying to find one of the three entrances to the Reserve and the only road in that we could find was closed due to erosion, so that was the end of that adventurous idea, and part waste of a day. We did have a good drive around the countryside though, and Linda was heard to say “What a nice peaceful countryside out this way


Thursday 3rd March 2011, Maryborough.

We had a trip today to a small town East of here called Maldon. This town is yet another of the gold rush towns, but with a small difference:- If you were to take away all the cars in the township, you could very well be there 100 years back. Yes, it is that well preserved, and a joy to visit such a neat small town. We both said that if we had known about the town we would have preferred to stay there instead of Maryborough. I had the intention of placing some of my photos on the blog but as usual they just don’t do the place justice, I might have another look at them soon with this idea in mind and you never know I might find some that are worthy of posting.

An email today with a message that I have been looking forward to for some years, it went “By chance I came across your site whilst researching sat TV info..10 minutes later while going into Bendigo I passed a van with wanderingtews on the front