Saturday 26th March 2011, Peterborough.

Now at Peterborough about 80K only North of Burra, (see map) but we had intended stopping here because of the rail museum. There does seem to be a bit to do around here and strange attractions to visit, but more on them when we find out for ourselves. This is another of those small towns with the old buildings, or at least the stone work they are built from, and we are going to have to be careful we don’t overdose on them.

Burra, and rained in.

Wednesday 23rd March 2011, Burra.

Rained in again, the forecast for the next few days is for sunshine but I am rapidly coming to the opinion of not trusting the SA weather forecast because they have been varying from day to day. We will just have to wait and see what happens, if we don’t get to do the sightseeing we want while here the town will always be here when we return from our big trip.

Burra, and moved in the rain again.

Tuesday 22nd March 2011, Burra.

Our next move takes us to a small town of Burra, about 115K north of Gawler. (see map) We had heard about this town from other travellers and it looks like everybody has heard the same thing. We didn’t make a booking, against management suggestion, and it is just as well we arrived early because the park has filled very quickly. We haven’t had a look around yet and as we are only staying for four days we are already saying we must come back one day.

It is amasing how easily one can get upset and befuddled. It was raining when we got here, a shower anyway, and as this started after we mucked around swapping sites I ended up a bit frustrated, happens a lot since giving up the smokes, and everything started going wrong. Even though we have satellite TV I do still intend setting up for local digital when there is some as well as the Sat, and do you think I could get it going, even with all my very much up-to-date information, well as it turns out the paper copy of the local info was over two years old and wrong. It took a little while to figure out, but the problem only arose because I was trying to tune in the aerial before tuning in the TV, and I had the wrong channel info didn’t I. All this happened after I found that I was using the wrong connection through the wall. I then decided to stop, take a breath and start again, and all now seems to be going normally.

Gawler, after a bad night.

Sunday 20th March 2011, Gawler.

We both made a very big mistake yesterday and suffered the consequences all night. Next to our caravan is a garden bed in which we had noticed a heap of mushrooms growing, and after seeing others pick some and take home, and hear stories from others about how nice they are, we decided to pick some and have a feed for tea. I don’t know how they effected others, but they gave both of us a good flush out over night, and we couldn’t think of it being anything else but the mushrooms. Talking to another couple this morning, the story goes that they shouldn’t be eaten because they are sprayed with poisons, which leads me to the point that why aren’t we told they are sprayed. We are both over it now so if it is true that they are sprayed then it can’t be too toxic.

“Short break


Saturday 19th March 2011, Gawler.

Gawler is quite a nice town, and as is the caravan park, and we are thinking that we may just stay here on future visits to the area rather that in Adelaide as we usually do. The park prices are a lot cheaper than in the city, we have access to all sorts of shopping close by with the mostly used within walking distance, the rail station is just around the corner for making trips into the city convenient and cheap, the area is also in the Barossa Valley area so that touring is close by. One draw-back is TV reception in the caravan park, and stories go it is limited to the park, is rather week and a lot of people are having problems especially with those Wineguard ones. This has given me a little to do to fill in time as we haven’t done any touring while here because we have seen most of the area before. I won’t have a problem finding something to do this weekend as it is Clipsal V8 car racing weekend here in Adelaide. I am not going to the actual race, I have had enough of sitting in one spot just watching cars go by in the past, so it will be on TV as usual.