Thursday 3rd March 2011, Maryborough.

We had a trip today to a small town East of here called Maldon. This town is yet another of the gold rush towns, but with a small difference:- If you were to take away all the cars in the township, you could very well be there 100 years back. Yes, it is that well preserved, and a joy to visit such a neat small town. We both said that if we had known about the town we would have preferred to stay there instead of Maryborough. I had the intention of placing some of my photos on the blog but as usual they just don’t do the place justice, I might have another look at them soon with this idea in mind and you never know I might find some that are worthy of posting.

An email today with a message that I have been looking forward to for some years, it went “By chance I came across your site whilst researching sat TV info..10 minutes later while going into Bendigo I passed a van with wanderingtews on the front