Maryborough, in the rain.

Monday 28th February 2011, Maryborough.

We have now moved on to Maryborough (see map) south west of Bendigo, and found out that GPS’s are definitely not as reliable as one would hope. We have not been this way before and as there is no direct major road from Bendigo to Maryborough I decided to just follow the GPS and it ended up taking us down a one lane sealed road somewhere around Newbridge. This would not have normally been too much of a problem but today it started raining and this made things a little worse pulling the caravan down a strange narrow road. If I had known it was going to rain I would have looked closer at my hard copy maps and chosen a route probably via Castlemaine, a little further but would have been a better road.


Sunday 27th February 2011, Shepparton.

We have visited our friends at Tatura, and was nice to see them once again, could be the last time for a while. Plenty of playing with new phones has been the order whenever we, especially Linda, have had spare time. Linda seems happy with her new (new) phone now that she has it working, it seemed a bit doubtful at one stage, and I am just going to play with her old (new) one on the basis that if I find I can get some use from it I can put my SIM card in it and use it, that is when we have decent coverage. I have purchased a prepaid card to put in it just so it will show me signal strength, but I do not have any intention of using it for any other purpose. I am at present happy enough just using my old phone and will more than likely keep doing so while it keeps working.

Shepparton, this years first leg.

Thursday 24th February 2011, Shepparton.

Now at Shepparton on our first day of our next adventure. (See map) Our first day had better not be an example of days to come: We had originally planned on going to Lake Waranga, just north of Rushworth, to a caravan park advertising being on the edge of the lake, so it seemed like a place to check out as it was close to Tatura where Stan and Beryl live, the couple we met on the Sunshine Coast that we decided we would visit before heading off on our adventure for this year. When we got to the caravan park at Lake Waranga and had a look around and it would be a certainty that we would not stay there for several reasons, the park itself was so run down with no maintenance, it was so very expensive for what they tried to offer, and mobile reception was very week to the extent that Linda did not have any reception on her new phone. It turns out that the phone she did buy is not extremely suitable for travelling like we do because it is not ‘Blue Tick’. Blue Tick is a term given to a mobile phones that has a better aerial system that gives it better reception in remote areas, something we had forgotten about when we bought the phone. It is a pity that the caravan park was so bad because it was in a good area, remote and next to the lake, and we were rather looking forward to a few days rest there.

We then decided to go on to Tatura, as that is where we are to visit, but when we got there the caravan park seemed full, as was the showground next door, as if there was some event on that filled parking spaces. After driving around the block we couldn’t find the entrance to the park so had a minor dummy spit and said that was it , we are going to Shepparton, so here we are settled in to a nice tidy park on the edge of a lake looking forward to a few days rest, and at a cheaper cost as that other park anyway.

I mentioned a big adventure for this year, and we are hopeful of travelling up the centre again, and this time getting to Darwin. We would then like to go down the coast of WA and have a good look around all of WA as it will more than likely be the last time we get over there.

Melbourne, still

Wednesday 9th February 2011.

It is now getting very close to time to move on again. We had intended being away from here a while ago but things do happen to change plans. We had a couple of medical things to follow up on and are now all ok, and Matt has been away oversees working, and will be back home in a couple of days so it will be hopeful we can get a little more done on the shed we started building before he went, it would be nice to see a little more done before we leave. We have now made a certain date of 24th Feb when we will be moving, we are starting to make bookings so it will happen this time.