Melbourne, Australia Day.

Wednesday 26th January, 2011.

Did I get a bargain today? I have been keeping my eye on a carry rack to fit to the roof racks on the car and have had a problem justifying the $400 price tag, seeing all I want to put in it is what I have already been carrying on the roof racks and the only difference with the new box is that I won’t have to tie the gear on, just put it in the box and lock the lid. I guess the other benefit is whatever is in the box won’t get wet like it did on the racks, so I guess along with this and the fact that I am not getting any younger it was going to be worthwhile. Today I said to Linda “I am going to buy it

Melbourne, getting ready to move.

Sunday 16th January 2011, Melbourne.

We are now making arrangements for when we move off on our next adventure, which will hopefully be a memorable one, as we head off up the centre once again on our way, finally, to Darwin. We are then hopeful of travelling down the coast of WA and taking anything up to two and a half years or more to do the trip, having a good look around many areas of WA. We have cleaned out a few things from the caravan and car, and put them in storage, and also got several things out of storage that we will need. I have a few maintenance chores to do before we head off, so the next couple of weeks will be quite busy before moving. We are now looking at the first or second week in Feb when we do commence this years travelling.

Melbourne again.

Thursday 6th January 2011, Melbourne.

Back in Melbourne again, for about a month this time, same place as before, and the pre Xmas panic is over so this time maybe we will be able to do those things like visit some people we had intended while here.

I have had, and will have a few more busy days though, as I have been helping son-in-law Matt build a shed on their new block. It has been a bit of a headache so far as neither of us have tackled such a big job before, 12 meters by 6 meters is a fairly big shed. We have the frame and some sheeting put together and are now waiting for Matt to find some time to get some concrete poured in half the footings. This will allow us to finally level and square the whole thing for the remaining footings, then complete the construction. All is looking good.