Thursday 4th November 2010, Albury.

Now at Albury, (see map) and will be here for a week. I was looking forward to having a week to relax, but I have noticed the battery charger has failed again so I will have to spend a bit of time working on that. I have decided to do a little cleaning on the van roof while here as it is getting quite dirty, so between these jobs I may not have a real relaxing week anyway. Just about set up now, it has been a bit more work this move because we haven’t been putting up the large annexe for a while as we have only been stopping for a couple of days each move, but this time we will be a week so it is the big one again. Just as well we are putting it up because with all the rain we have had and the annexe being stored on the roof rack on the car, and the storage bags obviously not water tight it was a bit wet so it will now get a chance to get a little air. I was going to say it will get a chance to dry out but by the looks of the forecast that might not happen, at least while here.