Again wondering about shortage of words

Monday 22nd November 2010, Melbourne.

I am not sure if I have said this before, but I have a reason for doing so once again, It’s probably old age, not that I am losing my memory, rather than not knowing I’ve forgotten, if it is the case.

I am not sure how many people there are that regularly look at this web site for the purpose of reading these reports, I do know of several that avidly do, and there are a few that look at the TV info page, but I often wonder what those regular’s thoughts are when I leave it for in excess of a week or so between reports, giving the impression that we are doing absolutely nothing at all. I wonder this because of the amount of people nowadays that obviously pour their lives out onto sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and the like, and I have fazes of very little reporting, or none at all. I wonder sometimes why people seem to think that it is the ‘in’ thing to do nowadays, taking out time now and then during the day to sit down with their internet phones updating their private lives for the world to have access to, I also believe my kids do somehow fit into this category, but if this is not actually true feel free to set me straight. Let me mention that I have personally never visited the pre-mentioned sites and probably never will because I do consider that, from what I have heard of, that most of the content people do post on these sites is, for me, just too personal, and I would never consider doing the same. I also mention that because I never visit these sites I am only commenting on hearsay. I couldn’t imagine me stopping somewhere in the middle of the day and telling the world, an eg. “Just dropped wife off at the train station so she can visit some of the family

Melbourne, once again.

Thursday 11th November 2010, Melbourne.

Linda is happy now, we are in Melbourne at Narrelle’s place visiting Narrelle and the grandkids. (see map) We partially set up the caravan before we headed round to Epping, so we will have to finish tomorrow when we don’t have a great deal to do. We have planned on going to Port Melbourne to visit Matthew and family on Saturday, it will be nice to also catch up with them.

This will likely be our last time at Apollo Gardens Caravan Park at Craigieburn as it has been sold and we are told that it will be closing in July, so future visits will have to have other thoughts about where to stay.


Tuesday 19th November 2010, Albury.

Van roof has had a good wash, first one for a fair while, and it has been revealed that some other maintenance is needed on the roof that must be looked into soon, hopefully while at Melbourne. Other than that we haven’t done much else, but the time is just flying, I can’t believe tomorrow is pack up day already. We visited our son-in-law’s parents yesterday, and it is nice to catch up with them occasionally.

Here is another occasion that I thought I had heaps to put down in words but after what I have done now I can’t think of another thing.


Thursday 4th November 2010, Albury.

Now at Albury, (see map) and will be here for a week. I was looking forward to having a week to relax, but I have noticed the battery charger has failed again so I will have to spend a bit of time working on that. I have decided to do a little cleaning on the van roof while here as it is getting quite dirty, so between these jobs I may not have a real relaxing week anyway. Just about set up now, it has been a bit more work this move because we haven’t been putting up the large annexe for a while as we have only been stopping for a couple of days each move, but this time we will be a week so it is the big one again. Just as well we are putting it up because with all the rain we have had and the annexe being stored on the roof rack on the car, and the storage bags obviously not water tight it was a bit wet so it will now get a chance to get a little air. I was going to say it will get a chance to dry out but by the looks of the forecast that might not happen, at least while here.


Tuesday 2nd November 2010, Gundagai.

We have only gone as far as Gundagai, (see map) as Linda seems to think that 300K or more is too far to travel in one day. Another day of packing up in the rain today, or at least it rained all night and everything was saturated, but it didn’t actually rain while packing up, but it was a case of not stopping an extra night for fear of making a fool of myself. When we arrived here I had a go at the park manager about how I thought their prices were too expensive, so I wasn’t going back to suggest we wanted to stop an extra day. We only stopped at that park because if it rained the other one would be too muddy. Anyway the sun is shining at the moment and it is good to see it once again. We have booked into Albury for a week to take us up to the date we booked at Melbourne. It’s not a bad place to sit for a while as we both enjoy Albury, and it will be nice to just sit and relax for a week, before getting to Melbourne, to get over the constant travelling we have done for the past week or two, well it was constant for us.