Bonny Hills.

Tuesday 19th October 2010, Bonny Hills.

A day with a difference today with us doing some touristy things and sight-seeing. It has been so long since we have been to an area like this and walking to lookouts in a National Park, that we have both almost forgotten how to use our cameras. We had also forgotten how scenic some coastline areas are, and when we got up a rather large hill called North Brother to a lookout it rather rapidly all came back to us., so the rest of the day was taken up looking for lookouts and enjoying the walks around the coastal bushland.

Bonny Hill.

Monday 18th October 2010, Bonny Hills.

Considering it has been a fair while since we have stayed in this area, and we had some business to do in Port Macquarie we decided to do a bit of sight-seeing, so we went directly in and did our business with the idea of just cruising around the coastline on the way back. The first lookout we arrived at it became painfully apparent that I left my camera at home. It has been a long while since I have taken any photos and the batteries were flat, so yesterday I took the bag and all into the van to recharge them, and yes you guessed it I left it in the van when we left. It became a rather big disappointment a little later as at a lookout at Tacking Point Lighthouse, Southern end of Port Macquarie suburbs, we saw several whales breaking water very close to shore, and no camera to take shots. Linda had not thought to charge batteries in her cameras at all, and my phone has been dropped too many times so the camera in it won’t focus any more, so it was a case of just sit there and watch in awe. We also found some good scenic lookouts South of Bonny Heads as well so it will be a case of heading off again tomorrow, camera in hand, in fact I have made sure it is in the car now, and do it all again, and more.

Bonny Hills.

Sunday 17th October 2010, Bonny Hills.

Bonny Hills you might ask, where is that. It is about 20K south of Port Macquarie, on the coast. (see map) We broke Linda’s golden rule today by travelling on a Sunday. I have had a look back and it is not very often at all that we have moved on a Sunday, the only few times were very early in the piece, so I reckon Linda decided after those few times, that Sunday was no longer going to be a travel, or pack up day. She has not complained too much about moving today so I guess she must realise that it is a once off situation.

I haven’t put any words down for a while because we got bogged down at Coffs Harbour with the wet weather, in fact that is why we travelled today instead of yesterday, because we had to stay an additional day due to it raining. We are hopeful of having some better weather while here so we might even get a chance to do some touristy things.

Coffs Harbour.

Saturday 9th October 2010, Coffs Harbour.

My shower coat got a little wet this morning for one of the very few times since we started travelling, but it was move this morning in the rain or possibly wait for another week or two till the weather fines up. Another reason to move was that the amenities block we were using is to be closed on Monday for a couple of weeks for repairs to hot water and piping, so if we had stayed it would have been a long walk to another amenities block. We are now at Coffs Harbour (see map) with the telly already tuned into the big race. I can’t remember how long ago I commenced religiously watching Bathurst, without since missing one, and I do not intend missing one now. Yes the weather is still nasty and at this stage it does look as though it is set in for quite a while, so we will just have to take things as they come. We could always sit it out somewhere for a few weeks, but that would mean either being late arriving in Melbourne or finally making several quick trips to get there, so we may have to put up with a little wet.

We have stopped at a different caravan park at Coffs this time as the one on the beach that we would prefer is, along with most coast parks, too expensive, hence we have chosen a cheaper one close to the city centre. Close enough for Linda to walk to the big shopping centre whenever she wants, so guess where she is now.

Evans Head.

Wednesday 6th October 2010, Evans Head.

What is that big bright thing way up in the sky? Oh I think I remember it as being called the sun. It is a pleasure to see the sun shining once more, bear in mind it is only shining on the occasions that there are no clouds, and unfortunately the same is forecast for the next week or more. Someone was heard to say this morning that it is a waste of time thinking of going somewhere else to get away from it because it is exactly the same everywhere else reasonably close. We could tolerate what we are getting now, with the occasional shower, so long as we don’t get the downpour like we got the other day. I actually took my bike out for a ride today for the first time for quite a few days. Just to demonstrate how wet it has been recently, we were told that the caravan park was going to be completely booked out over the past weekend being school holidays, so if we wanted to make sure we kept our site we should pay early, and at the moment the park would only be about 1/3 full, and they are mostly people who are travelling like us and were trapped here prior to the rain. All the holiday makers in their tents must have cancelled due to the rain.