Sunday 31st October 2010, Goulburn.

Have now moved on to Goulburn, (see map) and had originally thought of possibly staying several days depending on what is to do in the area, but once finding out the cost of the caravan park we will only be staying for the two days as planned. The park we are staying at is a Big4 park and typically it is way overpriced for what they provide, especially being an inland park.

We had a couple of quiet days in Sydney visiting Sue with her taking us for a drive around some of the area. We got a good tour of Homebush, the Olympic stadiums, as Sue did voluntary work there and knows the area quite well. We also went to see some of the northern beaches, but didn’t see much as, being a weekend, there were no places to park and get out for a look. We have now almost decided that we must have an extended stay at Sydney some time in the future and have a good look around and the caravan park at Lane Cove seems to be reasonably situated for that purpose.