Evans Head.

Wednesday 6th October 2010, Evans Head.

What is that big bright thing way up in the sky? Oh I think I remember it as being called the sun. It is a pleasure to see the sun shining once more, bear in mind it is only shining on the occasions that there are no clouds, and unfortunately the same is forecast for the next week or more. Someone was heard to say this morning that it is a waste of time thinking of going somewhere else to get away from it because it is exactly the same everywhere else reasonably close. We could tolerate what we are getting now, with the occasional shower, so long as we don’t get the downpour like we got the other day. I actually took my bike out for a ride today for the first time for quite a few days. Just to demonstrate how wet it has been recently, we were told that the caravan park was going to be completely booked out over the past weekend being school holidays, so if we wanted to make sure we kept our site we should pay early, and at the moment the park would only be about 1/3 full, and they are mostly people who are travelling like us and were trapped here prior to the rain. All the holiday makers in their tents must have cancelled due to the rain.