Coffs Harbour.

Saturday 9th October 2010, Coffs Harbour.

My shower coat got a little wet this morning for one of the very few times since we started travelling, but it was move this morning in the rain or possibly wait for another week or two till the weather fines up. Another reason to move was that the amenities block we were using is to be closed on Monday for a couple of weeks for repairs to hot water and piping, so if we had stayed it would have been a long walk to another amenities block. We are now at Coffs Harbour (see map) with the telly already tuned into the big race. I can’t remember how long ago I commenced religiously watching Bathurst, without since missing one, and I do not intend missing one now. Yes the weather is still nasty and at this stage it does look as though it is set in for quite a while, so we will just have to take things as they come. We could always sit it out somewhere for a few weeks, but that would mean either being late arriving in Melbourne or finally making several quick trips to get there, so we may have to put up with a little wet.

We have stopped at a different caravan park at Coffs this time as the one on the beach that we would prefer is, along with most coast parks, too expensive, hence we have chosen a cheaper one close to the city centre. Close enough for Linda to walk to the big shopping centre whenever she wants, so guess where she is now.