Bonny Hill.

Monday 18th October 2010, Bonny Hills.

Considering it has been a fair while since we have stayed in this area, and we had some business to do in Port Macquarie we decided to do a bit of sight-seeing, so we went directly in and did our business with the idea of just cruising around the coastline on the way back. The first lookout we arrived at it became painfully apparent that I left my camera at home. It has been a long while since I have taken any photos and the batteries were flat, so yesterday I took the bag and all into the van to recharge them, and yes you guessed it I left it in the van when we left. It became a rather big disappointment a little later as at a lookout at Tacking Point Lighthouse, Southern end of Port Macquarie suburbs, we saw several whales breaking water very close to shore, and no camera to take shots. Linda had not thought to charge batteries in her cameras at all, and my phone has been dropped too many times so the camera in it won’t focus any more, so it was a case of just sit there and watch in awe. We also found some good scenic lookouts South of Bonny Heads as well so it will be a case of heading off again tomorrow, camera in hand, in fact I have made sure it is in the car now, and do it all again, and more.