Sunday 31st October 2010, Goulburn.

Have now moved on to Goulburn, (see map) and had originally thought of possibly staying several days depending on what is to do in the area, but once finding out the cost of the caravan park we will only be staying for the two days as planned. The park we are staying at is a Big4 park and typically it is way overpriced for what they provide, especially being an inland park.

We had a couple of quiet days in Sydney visiting Sue with her taking us for a drive around some of the area. We got a good tour of Homebush, the Olympic stadiums, as Sue did voluntary work there and knows the area quite well. We also went to see some of the northern beaches, but didn’t see much as, being a weekend, there were no places to park and get out for a look. We have now almost decided that we must have an extended stay at Sydney some time in the future and have a good look around and the caravan park at Lane Cove seems to be reasonably situated for that purpose.

Parklea, Sydney

Friday 29th October 2010, Sydney.

Yes we are back in Sydney, (see map) we don’t have a great interest in Sydney proper, its too hectic. My sister Sue lives here and we must stop over occasionally to visit her. She actually lives in a caravan park village so it is convenient for us to stop at the same park, which is also close to the M7 freeway and easy to get to. We generally go out for a meal with Sue, which we will do tonight, and she generally takes us somewhere for a little sightseeing the following day, so we do get to see a little of the area without having to do the driving.

Lake Macquarie.

Tuesday 26th October 2010, Lake Macquarie.

We have only been here a day and we are both a little disappointed with the area. When travelling in yesterday we travelled down a highway through the centre of the Newcastle district that travelled over the top of some rather large hills, so I assuming that there would be some good lookouts of the district, something that I do enjoy visiting and getting some photos. Last night I got my maps out, and GPS, and there quite a few lookouts listed, so I made a note of them and today we headed out to find them. We went to do some shopping at Charlestown on the way and ended up with the idea that this place is just too hectic to be an enjoyable place to stay for an extended time, unless one stayed in a quieter area like where we are camped at the moment at Swansea, or maybe Belmont. The first lookout, Braye Park Lookout, was a good one with 360 deg views of the whole area, but the rest that we selected either no longer existed, or one couldn’t see anything for trees. I was rather looking forward to the views of the area, so it was just as well we did get to at least one good one. I have no idea of what we did last time we were here, I can’t remember, but we don’t have many pics from that visit either. A look at past blog posts back in April 2001, when we were last here, indicates that we were only here for two days because it was around Easter and we were having trouble finding parks to stop at, and while we were here it rained most of the time, so it is no wonder we can’t remember much. We have found a couple of other things we would like to go and check out, some caves in the coastal cliffs visible at low tide, so that will be tomorrow.

Lake Macquarie, Newcastle.

Monday 25t October 2010, Lake Macquarie.

We have now moved to Lake Macquarie, Swansea, South of Newcastle, (See map) and I have decided to do something that I have realised for a fair while now, not believe a NSW weather forecast again. After the rain yesterday it was forecast for a possible shower today, with the forecast being better for Newcastle area, but would you believe it rained almost all night. When it was time to climb out of bed it had actually stopped so we decided to pack up and move anyway. All was good until we started the trip and then it started to rain again, and it rained all the way to Lake Macquarie, I hate travelling in the rain when the van is on the back of the car, but now we have arrived and set up the sun has made an appearance and I hope it is for a fair while this time. It is possibly a pity we have decided to only stop for four days here because there seems to be miles of walking/bike riding tracks that we could have gotten a lot of use out of, but we do have a few days to use them as much as possible, Linda has already started by doing her usual thing and has walked back into town to have a little retail therapy at different shops just for a change.

Bonny Hills, Rained in again.

Sunday 24th October 2010, Bonny Hills.

We are still at Bonny Hills as we are once again rained in. We were due to move yesterday but the forecast was for rain today so we booked in for an extra day. I was wondering this morning whether it was warranted staying the extra day as we would have had time to pack up and move before the rain set in, but as it turns out, as I sit here having a look at the weather radar on the net, if we had moved we would be stuck in the rain at Lake Macquarie trying to set up in it, so it is just as well we did stay. This way I am getting to watch the car racing on the Gold Coast, and the F1 that is just about to start. If we ever come back to this area I don’t think we will stay at this park again, it is far from the best FPA park we have stayed at for the price they charge, and after looking around the other day Laurieton area seems to be a better area to stop at in future. These are the things one has to put up with though when going to a district one has not been to before.