Tuesday 14th September 2010, Nanango.

We have started on our first leg of the journey back down to Melbourne for Xmas. (See map) We also came this way to visit Kay and Adrian, and Les and Jan, because when we go to Darwin and WA next year we may well not see them again for a fair period of time. We ventured on some unknown roads today from Childers through Ban Ban Springs to Goomeri, and sections of the road are very typical of several outback Queensland roads, very rough, although there was a lot of road works along the way so maybe the roads are on the improve. When I say the roads are rough, most people would not notice the roughness because they are travelling in cars, but you do not really notice the roughness until you are pulling a caravan or some other heavy weight, so most people would not appreciate what I mean.

Burnett Heads.

Friday 10th September 2010, Burnett Heads.

Another monstrously long move today, (check out this map) being about 100 meters from one side of the caravan park to the other. Our plans have changed to a small degree of recent, nothing unusual, because we had a minor medical situation that had to be sorted out that caused us to stay here in the Bundaberg area for a while longer. The problem is all sorted now but we can’t move to Nanango until Tuesday because the caravan park is full until then, so it was decided to stay here for another three days. A couple of TV shows also dictated that we stay here while we have good reception, and it was a little iffy where we had planned on going, Mundubbera that was. Hence the short move, with the short notice, someone else had booked our site so we had no option but to move to another.

Burnett Heads.

Thursday 2nd September 2010, Burnett Heads.

Thursday already? Where does the time go? We have been rather busy since being here as I have upgraded my mobile broadband internet unit, and is it faster, my word. Between making the actual purchase, getting it up and running, and organising an external aerial patch cable for it I haven’t had a great deal of time for anything else. I couldn’t believe how much difference the external aerial made to this unit, it took me about 3 days to actually get the patch cable and I was cursing, of sorts, that the new unit wasn’t any faster than the older one was, although it often tried, then the external aerial was connected. Just to explain why the aerial is so important:- We live in a caravan, with an aluminium cover all over that is earthed electrically, and this alone will limit the amount of signalling that will pass to the unit, so an external aerial, I consider, is a must especially when in fringe areas as well, and would you believe my connection speed multiplied by 5 times or more and I actually reached the magic figure of 8MEG as advertised, very surprising.

So now it is back to a normal life of enjoying the relaxation, and thinking about where we are going on our next legs of travel.