Nanango and rained in.

Sunday 19th September 2010, Nanango.

It has been a nice quiet week at Nanango so far with the weather starting to turn to the worse, it is now starting to look like we may have to stay here for a few days longer because it is now forecast for rain for almost the next week, and it is no fun packing up or moving in the wet so we just don’t do it. We have also fallen into the same old trap of this time of year being school holidays and caravan parks are either fully booked or charge too much. The problem is also not helped when we decide to try out a particular park reasonably close so our next leg won’t be too long and we can’t contact them, and they won’t respond to my messages left on their machine, so our travel plans have been thrown into total chaos already. That is what this lifestyle is all about though, just take things as they happen.

It has been real good catching up with K & A, but they are having their small problems as well. It seems K has to have more treatment for her medical problem and it is a little far for them to make the repeated trips from here to Ipswich to have her treatment, so they are now looking for somewhere closer to move to.