Evans Head.

Saturday 25th September 2010, Evans Head.

We have now arrived at Evans Head (see map) and are possibly looking at being here for two weeks, because it is currently school holidays and we do not know whether we will be able to get in where we are hopeful of going next. Today has been one that we would prefer to forget, I think, as everything has gone wrong. Linda broke her glasses, and I broke my glasses. We had to stop at Ballina to find an Optician to get another pair, or repairs, and she did get them temporarily repaired that may last until we get to Melbourne. Mine are only those twenty dollar magnifiers from a chemist, so I just simply had to buy another pair. We had the caravan on the back when we stopped at Ballina and it is not easy finding a parking spot, especially in the shopping centre car parks, and I did make the mistake of taking the van into the car park and then battle to find my way back out again. The thing that topped me over the edge is the problems with TV reception. The problems we are having, I think, or am rather sure, are beyond me and my equipment and more along the lines of data problems with the servers. I have tried all tuners, STB’s and aerials and am having the same problem with all configurations. I am tuning in all stations but Prime and NBN aren’t being recognised as same with LCN’s and titles being missing, so it is, at this stage, a little hard identifying some of the channels, but we will just have to tolerate the difficulties.

I must get the bike out while here as there does seem to be plenty of tracks to get some riding in along.

I am a bit buggered now, so more later.