Evans Head and a storm.

Tuesday 28th September 2010, Evans Head.

I had a chance to do an extremely good deed for the day today, not that I don’t do good deeds on other days. We had a very brief vicious storm with a big short gust of very strong wind, which ripped the railing for mounting the annexe on the side of the van off the wall. I am fortunate that I have the tools to repair the damage, like a drill and Pop-riveter, so repairs have now been done. On a visit to the Amenities it became very evident that many others suffered similar problems, most others simply pulled down their annexes and put them away, but one family had a big problem with the same damage as us, but both ends of the annexe. Their main problem was that the kids were to sleep in the annexe and it was now not very water proof with more rain to come, so I offered to bring my tools down and do the same repairs as I had just done to our van. We had just finished repairs when the rain started again so I left them to re-erect the walls while I went back home to make sure our annexe was all ok. This sort of thing does give one a good feeling at the end of the day, with a sense of having achieved something.

My, or the, TV problems seem to have come ok as well. When I turned the set on this afternoon I noticed that with each channel one watched its name appeared on the info page as it should, so I did another scan and all is now back to normal. I reckon an error occurred in the data with the introduction of the new channels being transmitted by NBN and PRIME.