Evans Head and a storm.

Tuesday 28th September 2010, Evans Head.

I had a chance to do an extremely good deed for the day today, not that I don’t do good deeds on other days. We had a very brief vicious storm with a big short gust of very strong wind, which ripped the railing for mounting the annexe on the side of the van off the wall. I am fortunate that I have the tools to repair the damage, like a drill and Pop-riveter, so repairs have now been done. On a visit to the Amenities it became very evident that many others suffered similar problems, most others simply pulled down their annexes and put them away, but one family had a big problem with the same damage as us, but both ends of the annexe. Their main problem was that the kids were to sleep in the annexe and it was now not very water proof with more rain to come, so I offered to bring my tools down and do the same repairs as I had just done to our van. We had just finished repairs when the rain started again so I left them to re-erect the walls while I went back home to make sure our annexe was all ok. This sort of thing does give one a good feeling at the end of the day, with a sense of having achieved something.

My, or the, TV problems seem to have come ok as well. When I turned the set on this afternoon I noticed that with each channel one watched its name appeared on the info page as it should, so I did another scan and all is now back to normal. I reckon an error occurred in the data with the introduction of the new channels being transmitted by NBN and PRIME.

Evans Head.

Saturday 25th September 2010, Evans Head.

We have now arrived at Evans Head (see map) and are possibly looking at being here for two weeks, because it is currently school holidays and we do not know whether we will be able to get in where we are hopeful of going next. Today has been one that we would prefer to forget, I think, as everything has gone wrong. Linda broke her glasses, and I broke my glasses. We had to stop at Ballina to find an Optician to get another pair, or repairs, and she did get them temporarily repaired that may last until we get to Melbourne. Mine are only those twenty dollar magnifiers from a chemist, so I just simply had to buy another pair. We had the caravan on the back when we stopped at Ballina and it is not easy finding a parking spot, especially in the shopping centre car parks, and I did make the mistake of taking the van into the car park and then battle to find my way back out again. The thing that topped me over the edge is the problems with TV reception. The problems we are having, I think, or am rather sure, are beyond me and my equipment and more along the lines of data problems with the servers. I have tried all tuners, STB’s and aerials and am having the same problem with all configurations. I am tuning in all stations but Prime and NBN aren’t being recognised as same with LCN’s and titles being missing, so it is, at this stage, a little hard identifying some of the channels, but we will just have to tolerate the difficulties.

I must get the bike out while here as there does seem to be plenty of tracks to get some riding in along.

I am a bit buggered now, so more later.

Willowbank Near Ipswich.

Friday 24th September 2010, Willowbank (Ipswich).

Well here we are doing what we decided long ago that we would prefer never to do – a one night stopover. We are now at Willowbank, just south of Ipswich. (see map) I once found that if I drive a fair distance even over two days it seems to take a fair bit out of me, so I thought it would be much better if we had at least one day stopover whenever making a long distance trip. Because the trip from Nanango to Evans Head, NSW, was just too far, and we have nothing else to do here, it’s break one of our golden rules and just stay overnight.

Nanango and rained in.

Sunday 19th September 2010, Nanango.

It has been a nice quiet week at Nanango so far with the weather starting to turn to the worse, it is now starting to look like we may have to stay here for a few days longer because it is now forecast for rain for almost the next week, and it is no fun packing up or moving in the wet so we just don’t do it. We have also fallen into the same old trap of this time of year being school holidays and caravan parks are either fully booked or charge too much. The problem is also not helped when we decide to try out a particular park reasonably close so our next leg won’t be too long and we can’t contact them, and they won’t respond to my messages left on their machine, so our travel plans have been thrown into total chaos already. That is what this lifestyle is all about though, just take things as they happen.

It has been real good catching up with K & A, but they are having their small problems as well. It seems K has to have more treatment for her medical problem and it is a little far for them to make the repeated trips from here to Ipswich to have her treatment, so they are now looking for somewhere closer to move to.