Burnett Heads.

Saturday 28th August 2010, Burnett Heads.

We are back on the coast near Bundaberg, but a little further north this time, and will be here for a couple of weeks, well we have booked in for two weeks anyway and it looks like a nice enough place to stop for a while. After our couple of weeks here and a week or so chasing K & A wherever they are, it will be time to start thinking about heading south once again. We must catch K & A before we head south because if we don’t see them down south while there, and then we head to NT and WA next year we won’t get much of a chance to see them again for a while. We will be able to get out and do a bit of walking and bike riding while here as there is a track that goes from here all the way to Bargara. I didn’t get to do the full length from Bargara when we were there so I will get the chance to see how much from this end I missed out on.

TC we will be popping in for a visit while back in the area, so you will hear from us.