Sunday 1st August 2010, Bargara.

Now that we are on the road again I must get into the habit of putting down words more often, I know Tony will be happy as he is a regularly reader and has noted that there hasn’t been much lately. Anyway, we are getting setup once again after being rather fatigued yesterday and decided to just take things at a leisurely pace this time. We have been to visit Tony and Brenda today and it was nice to see them again after such a long time. I think we are going to see a fair bit of them while we are here, but we will also have to get in some sightseeing. There is a rather good walking/riding track along the foreshore so there should be no excuse to get some riding and walking in as well. I have also hopefully overcome the TV reception problems by placing my pole with aerials in an open space behind the caravan away from the trees and pegged to the ground. I am now getting good signal strength, but after dark will tell as the signal seems to drop off a little when the sun goes down as it did last night, and I was obviously on the border line before dark.