Sunshine Coast TV Problems.

Friday 16th July 2010.

The following story is mainly about experiences with TV reception, and particularly a brand of aerial called Saturn. I will insist now that I do not want to intentionally take anything away from the effectiveness of these aerials, but to only make comments about my personal experience with them. These aerials are advertised as being good for both VHF and UHF, both horizontal and vertical reception, and omni-directional (do not have to direct them at the transmitter). I have had the opportunity to work with something like seven people this year that have these aerials and have had the same response from all of those people that they do not work, that’s 100% failure, but they have all been in this area only. I have conversed with the manufacturer about the problems but only to receive a response that there is nothing wrong with the aerial, but rather the digital tuner is the item at fault, too much of a coincidence for me. Anyway, I had the calling today to have a look at another one of these aerials and it led me to making the point that as I have said over the years, there are some sites at this caravan park that will just not pick up TV reception at all no matter what equipment is being used, and this site was obviously one of them. The main thing I can put it down to is the trees around this park called Cotton Trees, that obviously won’t allow any digital TV signals though them at all, in fact it almost seems that they won’t allow any TV signals to be received in any immediate vicinity of them, as was the case at this site today. Because the camper directly next to him has good reception, (at his word), my first impression was that the said aerial would be at fault, but after trying my spare aerial to no better effect at all, it seems it may not be the fault of this aerial in this case, but rather one of those extremely bad sites in the park. In fact in the process of moving his aerial around to different spots to try to get better reception, some strange things were happening. I have never seen any aerial in any area to have reasonable reception in one particular spot, and have no reception at all when moved two feet to the right and up one foot extra in height (closer to these trees), as was the case on this site. Unfortunately I had to leave him with the thought that I obviously do not have the access to expensive technology to assist any further with trying to get him any better reception, so he had no other option to put up with what he now has, or move sites. It is rather disheartening when I have to leave someone with no better reception that they had before me having a look, but unfortunately this has been the case far too often this year in this park with all the problems people are having. One other thought though, If I chose to advertise my knowledge when we move to Bargara in two weeks it is going to be a different challenge as the problems are different in that area being part of the Wide Bay area that I reported about back in April see here so it will be interesting to see what happens there.