Saturday 31st July 2010, Bargara.

We are once again back on the move, and after sitting for a few month again the last two days packing up and moving have been rather testing not being used to it. We are certainly not as young as we used to be and it is starting to tell, I guess we will get used to it again once we have made a couple of moves. We are now at Bargara, on the coast about 10K east of Bundaberg and at this stage are not quite as happy as we thought we would be. The site we are on is not the best, considered to be a grassed site, but is mainly dirt where the grass has worn away. This park, or area, is also noted for it having problems with TV reception, and with all the large trees around the caravan park I am not at all surprised with the poor reception. I had recollections of getting better reception last time we were here but then we are stuck further in amongst the trees this time and the reception is very poor, I do think all I have to do is find better mounting position for the aerial, but spots are very limited. I guess satellite is the alternative option, I will have a go at it tomorrow. When we checked in we had a decision to make as they wanted the full two weeks in payment so, as we had decided to stay for two weeks we had no option to pay, so now we will just have to be happy with the situation even if it means nothing but relaxing while here.