Sunshine Coast.

Monday 28th June 2001.

Things have been getting a little heated around here lately with the pricing of the caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast. We have a row of van sites on the rivers edge, as do some parks, and these cost more for the convenience of having a view, we call this row ‘Millionaires Row’, and the price rise of these sites is making it even harder for those regulars. These campers organised a meeting with a council representative to discuss the price rises and made it an open affair for anybody in the park, so we all had a get-together on the beach-side near Millionaires Row, but after it all happened I really think that it will have no effect whatsoever as the council rep didn’t seem at all interested with our concerns and actually just walked off after a while without showing any interest in hearing any more. As I have previously said this won’t worry us as we have decided not to return here in the future, certainly not long term anyway.

Elly, granddaughter number 1, is arriving here on Wednesday for a weeks visit, and then Linda will return to Melbourne with her, so I will have 10 days here on my own again. We have a few things planned for Elly’s visit so we should be rather busy for that week.