Sunshine Coast.

Monday 28th June 2001.

Things have been getting a little heated around here lately with the pricing of the caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast. We have a row of van sites on the rivers edge, as do some parks, and these cost more for the convenience of having a view, we call this row ‘Millionaires Row’, and the price rise of these sites is making it even harder for those regulars. These campers organised a meeting with a council representative to discuss the price rises and made it an open affair for anybody in the park, so we all had a get-together on the beach-side near Millionaires Row, but after it all happened I really think that it will have no effect whatsoever as the council rep didn’t seem at all interested with our concerns and actually just walked off after a while without showing any interest in hearing any more. As I have previously said this won’t worry us as we have decided not to return here in the future, certainly not long term anyway.

Elly, granddaughter number 1, is arriving here on Wednesday for a weeks visit, and then Linda will return to Melbourne with her, so I will have 10 days here on my own again. We have a few things planned for Elly’s visit so we should be rather busy for that week.

Sunshine Coast, Still.

Sunday 20th June 2010.

I’ve had to learn not to complain so much about the prices of the caravan park here, current and in the future, because people are starting to ask why we are here then. We have decided that our budget will manage this years prices but not in the future.

A few things have happened since last report:- I haven’t been able to make any entries on the web site lately because of a problem with editing same, but that’s not really an excuse because it wasn’t down for that long. Linda hasn’t been too well the last week or so with a tummy bug she picked up somewhere, I am extremely fortunate it didn’t get me, but she is recovering well now. We have also been organising flights for Linda to go back to Melbourne again for another visit, and she will be going back after grand-daughter no 1, Elly, comes up here for a visit and accompanies her back home. For now though it is just sit back and enjoy the warm weather, between an occasional patch of rain once a week or so.

Sunshine Coast for possibly the last time.

Tuesday 8th June 2010, Sunshine Coast.

I just had a snide snigger to myself when I just read the last few lines of the last report, considering what I am about to say in this report. I thought I would never have to say this, but, we are now thinking that some time in the near future, not too near though, that we might have to consider that our travelling might have to come to an end. It is not that we are not enjoying it, but rather the finance involved with the situation. It seems that most caravan park owners, or managers, don’t consider that a great percentage of their clients are retirees and we have all just been through a great big financial slump over the last couple of years. The caravan parks all the way up the east coast over the past couple of years have increased their rates to an amount that we consider is just too much, considering what we have been paying since starting travelling, and these increases in some cases are amounting to something in the order of 50-80% over the past couple of years. I can’t think of anything else that has gone up at that rate so it is unfathomable as to why these charges have to increase by so much, other than greed, or the misconceived idea that all retirees nowadays have plenty of money. The main situation at the moment is the caravan park we are presently in, and have stayed at over the winter period regularly for some years now, with the increases they have adopted. About 3 years ago we were paying about $140.00 per week, and next year an increase is going to take the rate up to $275.00 per week, how can they justify such an increase. The result is that we can no longer afford to pay these rates so we will either have to change our ideas about what we do for the winter period, or where we go, or consider the unmentionable. This only backs up the statement that we have heard from quite a few retirees that they simply won’t travel on the east coast anymore because it is too expensive, I am starting to agree with them. When I earlier said that it won’t be a great concern for a while yet, we do have plans for the next couple of years by going to Darwin and WA again. We will now just have to consider taking longer to do that trip and we won’t have to worry about the dilemma for a while, and maybe we can then think of doing some other longer trip slowly, incorporating some camping out.

Sunshine Coast.

Wednesday 2nd June 2010, Sunshine Coast.

Again not much is different, or has happened, that is worthy of making a report, so this one is just because it has been so long. A lot of the regular southerners are now arriving, so we now have a lot more people to keep us occupied, not that we really need to be occupied. Even though a lot are turning up there are still a lot of empty sites in the caravan park that I can only put down to the price increases over the past few years, and people are now feeling the pinch coming up for winter and stopping for less time. I know there a lot of travellers like us that are considering the current prices, which are similar up most of the east coast, are too much and they just simply can’t afford to stay in parks that charge similar prices. In fact I have heard quite a few permanent travellers say that they will not travel to anywhere on the east coast because it is simply too expensive.

I was just sitting down pondering recently and just started to think about things that have happened in the past and how long ago it was, when a problem with time spans started to occur. We have now been on the road for our tenth year and when I look back at something that happened 20 years ago, for eg., there seems to be a problem relating to the fact that only half of that time was when I was back in my working days. It seems to me that the 10 years prior to leaving work actually took about 10 time longer to pass than the 10 years since leaving work, and this is where I am now have problems relating to things that happened way back when. I guess it must just go to show how much we are enjoying ourselves nowadays to make the time just disappear so quickly. Let’s hope the good times just keep on rollin’.