Sunshine coast.

Thursday 20th May 2010.

Isn’t it always the way:- We came here this year again with the idea of trying to save some money, although it has never happened any other year, but there is always something isn’t there. We have decided to have some repairs made to the annexe before it gets any worse, and will then possibly need total replacement. I have organised that today and at this stage we do not have a quote, but should only be a few hundred though, with a new front awning made as well. The biggest thing though was an inspection I had to make around the tunnel door on one side at the front of the van. After removing the door and surrounding cover the extremely unwanted was found:- We have had a leak and a section of the timber frame has now suffered a little timber rot from being wet, and I am not even going to hazard a guess as what that is going to cost us to repair. I am confident the leak was from around the cover that I removed so at this stage I have covered the area with silicon sealant and put it back together with the idea that this will hopefully keep any more water from entering and then chase up getting repairs done when we return to Melbourne. The main reason for doing this is that when the repairs are made the repairers will want the van for a period of time and we will have to find somewhere else to live for that duration, well we are assuming that we will be able to call on the kids to cover that situation.

Anyway apart from this all is going well, nice and quiet with just a few TV jobs to keep me busy. I had intended to get quite a lot of exercise while here this year but recently I have on several occasions been about to unlock the bike and a glance toward the sky changed those ideas. It mostly doesn’t result in any rain, but it doesn’t take much to convince me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sunshine Coast.

Friday 7th May 2010.

Nothing out of the ordinary to report, so just a short one. Linda is now back, and I don’t need to say that it is nice to be back to real cooked meals again. While Linda was away I managed to get some maintenance done, involuntary maintenance, such as a new gas regulator that decided to start leaking, and the flexible hose connecting it to the bottle also broke down. They tell me ten years is a good run from such devices but really I would have thought longer than that would have been the norm. I also replaced the porta-loo, nothing wrong with it apart from being ten years old (and a bit smelly) but I figured it was about time it had to go.