Sunshine Coast again.

Saturday 17th April 2010, Sunshine Coast.

Back on the Sunshine Coast again, with another rainy moving day. We were fortunate though, managing to do most that we had to do in the dry periods of the day, even managing to erect the annexe before it started to rain again. Because of the rain it is starting to look like a two day setup this move, but who is complaining. We are a bit early getting here this year but that is because Linda is booked on a flight back to Melbourne on Thursday, so I will be on my own once again for a two week spell. We may not be on the Coast for as long this year, as when we arrived park management informed us that we are only permitted about 90 days this year, so we changed our booking end to the end of July. This will give us some time to go a little North of here for a while before heading South again.