Glen Innes.

Sunday 4th April 2010, Glen Innes.

Once again I am finding it hard to explain what it is about the life-style we are living. We have been here in Glen Innes now for almost a full week and done next to nothing, but we have not seemed to have any spare time. Although the weather has been rather fine and we have had no rain, most days have been overcast and sometimes giving the impression of possible rain so we have given up the idea of doing any touristy things, and all of a sudden the week is almost over. We did go to Inverell, about 70 K west, the other day for a drive to have a look at the place. Inverell is a larger town/city than Glen Innes and everything advertised on the radio is at Inverell so we thought it was a must see. We ended up with mixed feeling about the town although we can’t explain why, it seemed like a nice enough place, but not with a great deal to do in the immediate area. I ended up with one of my breathing problem attacks that I haven’t had a problem with for goodness knows how long, especially since giving up the smokes, and I upset Linda’s looking around because of it, maybe this was the problem, who will know until we return there for a stay one day? In discussions later about Inverell we decided that it could have also been because the town was just so busy, with people and cars going everywhere, and when we returned to Glen Innes we felt a lot more relaxed, and my problem had also cleared up fully.

We have also had minor appliance malfunctions to deal with as well with the microwave oven playing up lately. The key pad has been very temperamental over the past couple of weeks and needing a power refresh when it does play up. The main problem is now what to do with it? Being a major job to extract the oven because it is mounted in a cupboard, it would have been real hassle pulling it out, pulling it to bits to hopefully find something wrong or to send it off for repairs, so it was decided to go and purchase a new one. This one gave us 5 years of work, as did the previous one, so we figured this was the best way to go, and so it was done. After installing the new one I decided that before cutting the power cord off the old one and disposing of it I would pull it to bits and have a look anyway. Nothing obvious was found, not that I expected to, but wouldn’t you believe it that when I put it back together it seemed that it wasn’t going to fail. Now the problem was what to do with the old one that was now possibly repaired, I wouldn’t want to reinstall it, I couldn’t return the new one anyway as being Easter the shop is now closed until after we leave, and I have drilled holes in it to mount it anyway. I approached the park owners to see if they could get some use out of it, if it did keep going, and they took it off my hands. It would be nice to think that someone could get some use out of it.

We are also re-thinking our travel plans from here because I have been contacted from a park owner in Maryborough north of the Sunshine Coast about the TV information I have on my web site. They have a big problem with vertical transmission in the area, with most people with Wineguard aerials not being able to pick up digital, and he has invited me for a visit to share some of my information with him, so we are thinking of going there for a week or so before going to the Sunshine Coast, especially seeing how I have miss-calculated our existing plans by a week, so we now have a spare week up our sleeves to do so.