Sunshine Coast, Fit and dangerous.

Wednesday 28th April 2010.

When we first got here I did my usual thing and went to the doctor for a Flu-Vac, as I do every year, and when we got there, yes Linda came in for one as well, we found that there was yet another new doctor in the surgery. Linda not preferring the two existing male GP’s, her preferred female left a couple of years ago, decided that we should try the new doctor, and she does seem to be ok, young but very knowledgeable. Anyway the usual thing happened when visiting a brand new doctor, as we do on occasions during our travels, they send you off for some blood test etc. as they haven’t done it before, or some reason, and I do comply because the tests can’t do any harm and should be done regularly anyway. I went back for my results today and came home feeling rather good, as all tests were good to excellent, even my diabetic test indicated over the past 3 months my levels have been well in the satisfactory range, surprising considering my levels were high for some reason a couple of days before the tests. An incident happened again, as it has with other GP’s, with my cholesterol readings:- She didn’t believe the readings, being as good as they were, for somebody overweight like myself and the fact that I am diabetic, but I assured her that this has been the case many times before and my cholesterol levels have always been very good. This all makes me feel all the better considering I am now putting on a few years, but I guess it does show that the life-style change we adopted back 10 years ago has done nothing but good for me at least.

The stress one gets from the following incident doesn’t help the health though. We have noticed over the last six months or so that we haven’t been getting mail from Centrelink, or what we do get is addressed to our residential address instead of our postal address. If they send our mail to our residential address there is no guarantee that we will get it as we could have moved on from that address, and it seems that this has been the case over the past few months. I have, over time, made several enquiries at different offices regarding this and have always gotten the same response:- “It’s all ok now, your mail will go to your postal address

Sunshine Coast.

Monday 26th April 2010.

The weather has cleared and turned to what is expected of the Sunshine Coast, sunshine. We, or at least I, have been here for a week now, and I have been on my own since Thursday when Linda went back to Melbourne for her usual annual visit. I have been wondering why I have been feeling a little down and very lonely for the past few days, then today the penny dropped, it has been a long week-end and the park has been filled with week-end holiday makers. They are a different crowd of people who do not talk or mix with anybody other than who they came with, which makes it lonely for campers like myself with all those people around and not a soul to talk to. There are a couple of fellow ‘Grey Nomads’ close by who both had TV problems so this gave me something to do one day fixing their problems, then the weekenders moved in and I haven’t seen much of them since, maybe they have locked themselves inside away from all the screaming kids.

Sunshine Coast again.

Saturday 17th April 2010, Sunshine Coast.

Back on the Sunshine Coast again, with another rainy moving day. We were fortunate though, managing to do most that we had to do in the dry periods of the day, even managing to erect the annexe before it started to rain again. Because of the rain it is starting to look like a two day setup this move, but who is complaining. We are a bit early getting here this year but that is because Linda is booked on a flight back to Melbourne on Thursday, so I will be on my own once again for a two week spell. We may not be on the Coast for as long this year, as when we arrived park management informed us that we are only permitted about 90 days this year, so we changed our booking end to the end of July. This will give us some time to go a little North of here for a while before heading South again.

Maryborough, and out of fuel.

Tuesday 13th April 2010, Maryborough.

Well, a first off event today, or at least I’m not sure the last time it happened, I ran out of fuel. One always tries to work out the figures, but today I guess I pushed them a little too far and found out they weren’t as accurate as I had estimated. The fuel tank is supposed to hold 70 litres, and in the past when the reserve light comes on the tank takes 55 litres to fill, so I figured I would have 15 litres left. I knew today that we were a little low but when the reserve light came on I also figured that at 10-11 litres/100 kilometres I should have had enough for about 150K, but oh no, it ran out after 80K didn’t it, and we were out in the middle of nowhere, in fact half way between Maryborough and Tin Can Bay on the Tinnanbar road. Oh well that is what RAC is for I guess, and they did come to the rescue, after we considered we were lucky to have one bar of signal on the phone. After refuelling, and taking for gospel that the RAC put 15 litres in the car, it works out that the tank holds about 6 litres less than what is stated in the book, we will just have to not let it happen again, after all I have learned something.

We did get a bit of sight-seeing in before the drama happened, looking at a few small towns on the coast between Maryborough and Tin Can Bay called Maaroom, Boonooroo, Tuan, Poona and Tinnanbar, yes we are back in that area that has a myriad of names with “oo


Saturday 10th April 2010, Maryborough.

We are now at Maryborough, almost on the coast north of the Sunshine Coast, and near Hervey Bay. (see map) We have decided to take up the invitation at Wallace Caravan Park to discuss TV reception problems in the district, so we will be here for a week before going to the Sunshine Coast to give Linda a few days there before she flies back to Melbourne for a couple of weeks. We have been through here before, a few years ago now but didn’t stay, so it will be the same as being at a new destination.

The big problem with TV here is that most of the digital channels are being transmitted in the VHF range at Vertical polarization. Prior to digital most of the analogue channels were UHF and Horizontal, and most people could pick up most channels with most aerials. Nowadays most new caravans are equipped with wind up Wineguard aerials with most people thinking they are the bee’s knees, but they won’t pick up the Vertical polarised channels here, hence basically no digital reception at all. I am not sure what I can actually achieve here apart from provide the park management with some information that he can pass on to those travellers. Anyway we will see what the weeks visit does achieve.

We only stayed the two nights at Nanango because several things went wrong that caused us to dislike the van park, so if we are back that way we will definitely be staying at the park across the road at almost half the price.