Wodonga, on our way north again.

Thursday 4th March 2010, Wodonga.

Yeah, back on the road again, although it being without Linda. She had a late call for baby-sitting this weekend so I left her there in Melbourne and started to make my way north on my own and she will catch a train or something to meet up with me where ever I am. I got as far as Wodonga today, on the NSW border. I chose to stay somewhere different to where we normally stay in Albury just for something different, as I have had my eye on this, The Wodonga Caravan Park, for some time and never thought to check it out. We actually had some not so good reports about this park from a web site I found so I decided to find out for myself how good the park was, or not, as the reports on the web were a bit old. My impressions so far is that it is a little cramped but tidy, but the next few days will give me a better idea as it is forecast for rain and thunderstorms and that is the sort of thing that ultimately gives one a good or bad experience that influences ones ideas. I guess one is getting somewhat used to settling in one place for an extended time nowadays, as the trip today seemed a fair bit out of the ordinary as one is not used to it lately, but I’m sure it won’t take long to come back. It is going to be interesting over the next couple of years as to where we go because, while we were watching a TV show on the Nullarbor the other night, Linda was heard to say that she would like to go across there again. This threw me aback a little as I too have been having ideas that I would probably like to go to WA again one day, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see us try it again, at least this time we will be prepared for it.