Wellington, NSW.

Friday 12th March 2010, Wellington.

Cootamundra is another one of those towns that one could relax in for a while, but then there are quite a few of them in this area, we travelled through quite a few again today without even stopping. We keep saying it, but we would enjoy having quite some time in this area to just check out these small towns, but in saying that there are numerous areas the same throughout the country, so its no wonder that we think that we will never get to completely see all the districts in depth that we would like to. We have now moved on about 300K to Wellington (see map) to visit K and A and it was nice to catch up with them again, and it will be nice to just sit around here and veg. for as long as we can, even it can only be for a maximum of about 10 days or so. It has already proved well worth coming this far north as it is warmer already, as is proven by the fact that I am sitting here at 9:00 PM writing this and still have my shorts on, I haven’t been able to keep my shorts on of an evening for some time now.