Friday 19th March 2010, Wellington.

Here I am being a little slack again by not putting any words down, I guess it is going to take a bit of getting used to again, but then we came here to visit K and A and we are enjoying our time with them. We have been doing a few touristy things and it is these that I should have been writing about. We went for a drive to Lake Burrendong the other day and were a little disappointed as the lake was nearly empty, I guess with all the rain most areas have had recently we just expected it to be full. We also intended to check out a couple of caravan parks while in the area, but they turned out to be in National reserves and were closed by boom gates. One can gain entry via the automatically opening gates at the entry, and are then required to pay for an exit coupon at the kiosk within the park. Now there was no information as to whether one could enter and exit free after just having a look around, so we left on the basis that we were not going to pay a park entry fee just to have a look at the camping ground. There was an Arboretum in the area that was certainly well worth a visit. One thing that really got my attention was the ‘Fern Gully’, being an area for growing ferns. They had created an artificial forest canopy within the gully where the ferns were growing underneath, and it created an ideal growing environment for them, hence there were some excellent examples of all types of ferns. We also visited the Wellington caves, or at least the area, but didn’t enter the caves themselves, rather just having a look at other attractions such as the Japanese Gardens. We found that the 2 caves and a mine had an entry fee of $20.00 odd each, $11.00 concession, and we decided that this was too much to pay for something that we had already seen in other limestone caves. We have decided to stay here for an extra couple days as we have changed our travel plans and we will now have a little extra time to get to Queensland. It turns out that some places we were going to visit are booked out, and others are too expensive, so we are making our way straight up the New England Highway, Tamworth and on, from here.